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X3 and BMD-25 `New` conversion manual available Shortly. Part No Man01

The New revised manual will also be available on CD

    Covers the mechanical conversion of these very popular machines complete with a full set of drawings detailing machining of ball screws and other parts that need to be made to successfully convert the mill. The manual assumes you have the necessary machining skills needed for this conversion, it does not try to tell you how to turn or mill, its written from a practical engineers view.

Buy the conversion hardware or electronics from us and get the Conversion manual FREE.

X3 and BMD-25 conversion kits available.  Click on the kit number

Starter Kits:

Convert your X-3 or BMD-25 milling machine using your existing lead screws.

Click on the Kit part No to go to kit.

Kit SKX3-2 For Nema 23 or 34 size motors a 2 axis kit, X and Y. All the parts you need to make the mechanical conversion of the milling machine using your existing lead screws. Complete with manual.

Kit SKX3-3 For Nema 23 or 34 size motors a 3 axis kit. All the parts you need to make the mechanical conversion of the milling machine using your existing lead screws. Complete with manual.

Convert your X-3 or BMD-25 using our ball Screws

Kit X3-1. Nema 23 size motors a 3 axis kit all X, Y and Z. All the parts to make the mechanical conversion of the milling machine, using 16mm ball screws for all 3 axes,  together with all other mechanical components needed for the conversion. Conversion manual.  

Kit X3-2. Nema 34 size motors. As above but with alternative parts to allow for these larger more powerful motors. Conversion manual.

Kit X3-3. The Electroncs kit. All the parts to complete the electronic machine conversion. Breakout board, 3 x Driver boards, motor drive cable plug and sockets, limit switch plug and socket, Power supply and Stepper motors. (other readily available components needed to complete the conversion eg, screws, suitable enclosure etc,)

Suitable milling machines below for conversion to bench top cnc milling machine. See the contents side bar for suitable equipment to convert these machines. Milling machines for conversion are available from a number of companies in the UK or if you require a ready to use machine we will buy a machine of your choice and convert it to cnc for you. For suitable machines which we convert often go to www.amadeal.co.uk

Bed type milling machines. Bench top or floor standing with stand.

Mini Mill BMD-20 BMD-25 or X-3 Super BMD45/80
Mini Mill 519.00 
BMD-20 775.00                        
BMD-25/X-3 849.00
BMD45/80 Super 1445.00

Stand 89.00

Stand 89.00  
Stand 89.00 
Stand 89.00 

Stands are only available at these prices when a machine is Purchased.

Knee Type Milling Machines (Floor Standing)

VTM  1529.00
VTM-2B  2490.00

Solution Graphics

Our policy is one of continual improvement therefore specifications may change without notice. Pictorial representations are intended as a guide only and may vary depending on machine model or product offered.