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Table Router.

R1818-cnc routing machine as a plan, as complete kit of parts or a complete machine.

Machine capabilities:

Available Routing area 18inch x 18inch. 457mm x 457mm.

Z axis movement 3inch 76mm

    A comprehensive set of plans including exploded views to aid assembly. All the necessary drawings are in the set to enable you to construct this robust and accurate table routing machine including detail of all the precision ground shafts and linear bearings needed. The X, Y and Z axes carriages are supported on substantial ball bushing bearings running on hardened and ground shafts to ensure accuracy and long life. Designed to use NEMA size 23 stepper or servo motors.

All hard to get parts can be purchased from Rhonmac-cnc. Including the hardware to mount your chosen stepper or servo motors. The plans are for the mechanical framework of the router which has an x and y axis capacity of 18inch x 18 inch these sizes can easily be adapted by the buyer to other machine sizes if you are building the machine yourself. Aluminium profiles also sold separately if required, go to profiles page.

The builder/user will be required to provide the means of electronically driving the routing machine. Rhonmac-cnc can help with this if you require please enquire. See Contents sidebar for conversion hardware.

Bare Bones Kits.

Bare Bones Kits, just the Profiles, Gantry Towers, Free R1818 Build manual CD ( Normally 17.25) and assembly Screw pack. If you want to do your own build, sourcing the bearings/shafts and all other items yourself, this will get you going. Aluminium Extrusions are as Aluminium Framing Systems top quality very rigid made in Germany.

Kit shown is R1818BBK

Kit Contents:

R1818BBK 195.00
R1824BBK 215.00 
R1830BBK 235.00

R1818-CNC kit prices.

Machine/Option  (Build Manual with each kit)


Cost GB  

Buy Now

R1818 Machines 18inch x 18inch

Kit of material complete with linear shafts ball screws and bearings R1818A 989.00
Completed machine complete with stepper motors (new Lower Prices) R1818C 1498.00
R1824 Machines 18inch x 24inch
Kit of material complete with linear shafts ball screws and bearings R1824A 1189.00
Completed machine complete with stepper motors (new Lower Prices) R1824C 1598.00
R1830 Machines 18inch x 30inch
Kit of material complete with linear shafts ball screws and bearings R1830A 1389.00
Completed machine complete with stepper motors (new Lower Prices) R1830C 1898.00

Kits are made to order so please allow 21 days for delivery. Build manual cost credited if you buy any kit.

For Stepper motor drivers go to Stepper Driver or Heavy Duty Driver  

R1818 Table Router Build Manual CD 17.25 includes VAT & posting 

R1818 Table Router Build Manual (63 pages) 35.50 includes VAT & Post 




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